Pump Priming Scheme

The National Centre operates a Pump Priming scheme where a limited amount of resource can be made available, free of charge and without the need for a current EPSRC grant. The rationale for the scheme is to stimulate UK strategic activity in III-V semiconductors with the expectation that the recipient will, within 6 months, write a full EPSRC proposal which builds on the results of the Pump Priming.

Potential users should discuss their technical requirements with the relevant National Centre staff to determine feasibility and then submit the proforma to Anne Atkinson (a.atkinson@sheffield.ac.uk) outlining the strategic need for the work, the principle(s) to be demonstrated, the resources required, the time-scales involved and a statement that a full EPSRC proposal should result from the successful conclusion of the short study/demonstration. Each request will be considered for approval by the National Centre’s Internal Strategy Committee (chaired by Prof Tom Foxon). The criteria for selection will be based on the scientific quality and strategic need.

The scheme is open to all persons who normally qualify to hold an EPSRC grant.