Our Process

The interface with potential users will operate as follows:

  1. Initial user request for discussions will be logged
  2. Operations Manager (Dr Geoff Dugganwill initiate discussion and identify Facility experts
  3. Meeting/visit set up to discuss details, identify IP, assess risk, consider conflicts of interest and the go-ahead given if both sides agree
  4. A decision on acceptance is made. If appropriate alternative sources of provision (academic or commercial) will be proposed.
  5. Continuous interaction between Facility experts and user during proposal writing will take place
  6. Final resource request will be agreed, costed and recorded on a pro-forma for submission to EPSRC with proposal
  7. User requested to fill in Customer feedback form on effectiveness of this important part of the interaction with User groups.

Following Funding Approval

For proposals which have been funded following EPSRC peer review the procedure will be as follows:

  1. On being informed by EPSRC and the user that a proposal has been funded, the Operations Manager will contact the PI to discuss requirements of the grant.
  2. The PI will be invited to the Facility to discuss technical requirements with the experts involved. Timescales for the work to be carried out will be agreed.
  3. Once requests have been agreed, the PI will be required to fill in the requirements on a pro-forma to be supplied by the Facility. Following possible iteration and approval by the technical experts of the Facility, the pro-forma will be logged on the Facility database. The pro-forma will include full technical information on the structures required (e.g. layer structure, doping level, emission wavelength, special characterisation etc) and critical parameters with acceptable tolerances.
  4. The characterisation information to be supplied will be agreed
  5. A schedule for the work to be carried out will be communicated to the PI
  6. As at the proposal submission stage, additional assistance will be provided to new users in terms of technical specification as appropriate.
  7. In all cases the technical experts of the Facility will provide to users the benefits of their experience in structure design.

Customer Service Procedures

  1. User submits sample request pro-forma through Operations Manager
  2. Request assessed with Facility staff and placed on schedule matrix
  3. Samples delivered with pro-forma detailing standard and requested characterisation data and statements about meeting specifications
  4. The characterisation information agreed at the acceptance stage will be supplied
  5. Receipt of the wafers/structures will be confirmed by the users. Feedback from the User will be requested at periodic intervals, 2, 4 and 8 weeks.
  6. It is important that the User also recognises its role in the process of delivering state of the art, research-level, structures and devices. This feedback is crucial in reaching highest levels of service. This process will be formalised through the User Satisfaction form sent to the user with the samples/devices delivered, for return to the Operations Manager.