Working With Us

Application (EPSRC Proposals)

In the first instance please contact Anne Atkinson (

Anne will direct you to the relevant expert for technical discussions if required. We will then arrange any meetings (physical and virtual), any non-disclosure agreements that are required and help you complete the access form needed (see downloads section) for grant submission on JeS.

Following Funding Approval

On being informed by EPSRC and the user that a proposal has been funded, we will contact the PI to discuss requirements of the grant and timescales for the work to be carried out.

Requesting Wafers & Device Fabrication

Following discussions with the relevant technical experts, the PI is required to enter a growth request on the EpiPortal system (link on left). The EpiPortal enables full technical information on the structures required to be recorded (e.g. layer structure, doping level,
emission wavelength, special characterisation etc) and critical parameters with acceptable tolerances. After discussing with the relevant grower, the status of the request will be changed to ‘submitted’ which means that it is then queued for growth.

Assistance can be provided in terms of defining the technical specification. Characterization data will be included with the wafer/sample delivery, along with a request for the PI to complete a feedback form covering the service and sample quality.

Non-EPSRC Grant Proposals

The National Centre regularly provides material/resources for non-EPSRC grants. In the case of grants from other parts of the Research Councils UK, the method of application is as for EPSRC grants. For other proposals please contact Anne Atkinson (

Note – the most successful collaborations in the past have resulted from the following:

  • Engagement with the NC at an early stage of proposal development
  • Visiting Sheffield when a new grant is awarded
  • Acknowledgement of receipt of wafers and updates to Sheffield on progress with the wafers within a reasonable period (<3 months)
  • Staying as close as possible to resources requested on the access form
  • Reporting back on the outcomes of pump priming


All complaints should be addressed to the Director, Professor Jon Heffernan, either by telephone, email, or in writing (, 0114 222 5165). A complaints form is available in the downloads section.