Steering Committee

This is our steering committee

Professor Robert Martin (Chair) University of Strathclyde
Professor Gerald Buller Heriot-Watt University
Dr Andy Carter Oclaro, Caswell
Dr Iwan Davies IQE Plc, St Mellons, Cardiff
Dr Jean-Yves Duboz CRHEA-CNRS, Valbonne, France
Dr Ned Ekins-Daukes Imperial College
Dr Wyn Meredith CST
Susan Peacock EPSRC, Swindon
Professor Dr J.P. Reithmaier University of Kassel, Germany
Professor David Ritchie University of Cambridge
Professor Peter Smowton University of Cardiff
Professor Stephen Sweeney University of Surrey
Dr Neil Whitbread Oclaro, Caswell
Professor Colin Whitehouse STFC, Daresbury